The underestimated positive effects of relaxation and rest for body and mind

RPC News   •   March 10, 2019

Personal Trainer Team

We live in a world of self-evident multitasking. We try to keep our inner balance in the midst of constant medial flooding and aimless streaking through virtual worlds. By the way

– we work

– educate children

– maintain a specific lifestyle

– make us independent or develop companies

– care for relatives

– solve family problems

– may be financially strained by high investments

and want to experience life in its fullness day after day. The stress level is today despite much more free time higher than before – and that has consequences. However, these are only registered when exhaustion or depression, burnout or chronic back pain as overload symptoms arise. And even then, there is often no pause.

The potential breaks and recreational times in our lives are often spent watching TV, browsing the computer, solving crossword puzzles, reading magazines, playing computer games, answering Facebook posts and whatsapp messages, or spending hours watching television. All these activities relax but supposedly. Of rest or real relaxation, they are far away. On closer examination, our brain is constantly involved in the processing of data in all these activities.

The need for peace and quiet: often underestimated

Rest periods, serenity and true relaxation increasingly fall into oblivion. Stretching, meditation or yoga simply have no place in hectic times and through-ticked days. Idleness is frowned upon. Time-outs are important for mental and spiritual health as well as physical regeneration. The human energy system regularly requires charging because it does not have endless energy resources. Even on vacation, no „dolce far niente“ is maintained. Instead, visit programs or party nights are celebrated. High expectations of the experience do the rest. Our lifestyle keeps the stress level permanently high.

Sweet idleness serves for recreation

Integrating sweet idleness into the daily routine is difficult for many people. But lasting stress calls for a high toll. He can even be deadly. The sympathetic nervous system must find ways out of the stress trap so that the parasympathetic system can compensate by rest periods. Consciously sought relaxation breaks to serve the refueling. With yoga exercises and short meditation sessions soul, mind and body come back into a healthy balance. Sympathicus and parasympathetic nervous system can be reconciled by various measures. This serves the immune system, the self-healing powers and the inner balance.

With balance coaching, fitness training, breathing technique or endurance training, the barely perceived permanent stress can be sensibly countered. Also through

– Autogenic training

– Chi Gong

– Tai Chi

– Yoga

– Feldenkrais

– Progressive muscle relaxation

– Pilates

– Mindfulness meditation

– or a meditative painting course

islands of calm can be created in the turmoil. These islands should be understood as energy filling stations. They can dissolve inner blockages, allow processing in idleness and release dammed energies in a meaningful way. Already morning stretching relaxed. It provides the necessary freshness for the daily work. Taking time for yourself is time well spent.

Being able to keep silent creates space

Also important as a haven of peace are relationships that do not remain non-binding and superficial, but are sustainable and have a certain depth. Human closeness can be an important haven in life. Being able to keep silent is as important as talking to one another. Sometimes words are not necessary to enjoy a moment of intense relaxation. The feeling of being in tune with yourself and the universe every day for a few moments is necessary. It can carry us people through crises and stressful days, without shaking the inner foundations. Rest breaks, sufficient relaxation and inner balance is vital.

The people, who are constantly on the move both internally and externally, burn more energy than they have stored in their reservoir. Mindfulness meditation, breathing training or Chi Gong bring the flattened breath back into energy flow. The energy system repairs itself in such short breaks as far as it is able to do. Through balance coaching everyone finds his middle again. This may be accompanied by the insight that no one should damage themselves through a hectic lifestyle. In the end, multitasking, constant accessibility and excessive life hunger cost a high price.