How to find the Best Personal Trainer in LA, Beverly Hills, Hollywood & Malibu at Royal Private Coach 

There are different ways you’ll benefit from having the right personal trainer. They will support you focus on your health and wellness goals, and they’ll push you with a a lot of motivation to attain all your aims.


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Personal Trainer LA, Beverly Hills, Malibu & Hollywood


Have you expressed an interest in bettering your physique? Would you like to benefit from the training and get better health and condition? Or are you an athlete looking for better performance, and you need to work with a personal trainer to ensure your body is in shape at all times? Regardless of your goals, the personal trainers at Royal Private Coach will come in handy, and they’ll guide you accordingly.

Why should you consider working with the team of personal trainers at the Private Coach? For starters, we have a large network of personal trainers based in Beverly Hills, LA, Malibu, and Hollywood.

Some of the benefits that accrue from hiring a personal trainer include:

1. You’ll get the results that you desire:

Have you been exercising for long, and you’ve yet to hit your fitness goals? Perhaps you need a new keep-fit routine depending on your goals. If you want to lose weight or build on your muscle capacity, a personal trainer Beverly Hills will come in handy. Fortunately, a personal trainer Malibu and personal trainer Hollywood, can assist with weight loss, cardio, help to build up muscle, to ensure healthy living.

2. You’ll Be Conversant with Where to Begin

Exercising is complex to an extent, and you may feel overwhelmed. When working with a personal trainer, you’ll be on the right path. You’ll also gain an interest in the workout sessions, considering that engaging in the same exercise routine can get boring at times. The personal trainer will strike a life balance while ensuring that there are different exercises that you’re trying out.

3. You’ll Feel Challenged

You’ll feel challenged when working with a personal trainer. With time, you’ll start to exceed your expectations. As you work out, you’ll be accountable to your personal trainer. They will ensure that you’re meeting your goals at all times.

Our trainers are up-to-date with the latest personal training trends. The trainers are also talented, and they’re willing to share some helpful concepts to ensure you get the most out of everything, and you can lead a happy life. The trainers are always happy to accept your feedback and ideas as a client. For those with any questions, feel free to ask. You can always email us your thoughts, and we’ll formulate a detailed article to answer all your questions. Our trainers are also situated in different locations.

You may be concerned about the training that the personal trainer is going to provide. All our personal trainers will meet all your needs. When you book your first session, you should ensure you have a mental note depending on your exercise goals. With a personal trainer, it is possible to ensure each exercise program is customized for you. The personal trainer will bring forth different training styles, of which some will excite you and others will excite you.

Our personal trainers are certified. It is important to look into the certifications of your personal trainer before you go ahead and work with them. Keep in mind the personal trainer should possess a personal training certificate. The experience, knowledge, ability, and personality of the personal trainer matter such that they can conduct themselves well during each training session. The trainer should handle everything in an effective and engaging manner. A personal trainer should keep records, and the results should be evident. The personal trainer should be passionate about everything they do and ensure you have an active, healthy lifestyle.

The personal trainers we have onboard will work within your schedule and push you to meet your goals. If you’re a beginner, you’ll start with some easy exercises. You can opt for one to two sessions in a week for the next one or two months. After spending time with the personal trainer, you will develop active living habits and new skills.


For those interested in learning more about our charges, here’s our charge sheet:

Basic session

The session will last for about 45 mins. The charges range from $95 to $105. 

• Premium Session

The session will last for about 60 mins. The charges range from $110 to $135.

• Premium Session Plus / Head Coach

The session will last for about 60 mins. (Head Coach), 90 Min. Professional Coach. The charges range from $135 to $160.


You’ll have to pay $1 per mile for driving fees if training at home or outdoors. For those who want to train in a club, there will be an additional entrance fee for the location.